Below is a collection of art and tattoos inspired by the Overwatch character, Widowmaker.

I shall keep updating this page whenever I find new art or whenever new information releases about the character.

You can also find the story behind Widowmaker along with her abilities, ultimate ability and skins.


Amélie Guillard grew up in her family’s ancestral home of Chateau Guillard. For much of her life, she was known as an accomplished ballet dancer in Paris.
She married Gérard Lacroix, an Overwatch agent spearheading operations against the Talon terrorist organization.
In time she would meet one of Gérard’s fellow agents, founding member and sniper, Ana Amari.
After several unsuccessful attempts to eliminate Gérard, Talon decided to change its focus to his wife.
Talon operatives kidnapped her and subjected her to an intense program of neural reconditioning.
They broke her will, suppressed her personality, and reprogrammed her as a sleeper agent.
She was eventually found by Overwatch agents, apparently none the worse for wear, and returned to her normal life.

Two weeks later she killed Gérard in his sleep.

Her mission complete, Amélie returned to Talon, and they completed the process of turning her into a living weapon.
She was given extensive training in the covert arts, and then her physiology was altered, drastically slowing her heart, which turned her skin cold and blue and numbed her ability to experience human emotion.
The slowing of her heart rate allowed her to become an exceptional sniper. Thanks to Talon’s experiments Amélie was gone, replaced by “Widowmaker,” Talon’s most effective assassin, and feeling little save the satisfaction of a job well done.
As far as Overwatch knew, she had been kidnapped.


Real Name: Amélie Lacroix (nee Guillard)
Age: 33
Nationality: French
Base: Annecy, France
Role: Damage


Widow’s Kiss: Either an automatic assault weapon or a long-ranged sniper weapon.

Grappling Hook: Launch a hook that pulls you towards a ledge.

Venom Mine: Launch a poison trap.

Infra-Sight (Ultimate): Provide your team with a view of the enemy’s location.



  • Classic


  • Ciel
  • Nuit
  • Rose
  • Vert


  • Winter
  • Patina
  • Tricolore (Summer Games)
  • Spider (Halloween)
  • Electric (Anniversary)


  • Odette
  • Comtesse
  • Huntress
  • Nova
  • Odile
  • Biathlon (Winter Wonderland)
  • Black Lily (Lunar New Year)
  • Côte D’Azur (Summer Games)
  • Scorpion (Halloween)
  • Talon (Archives)


Did That Sting?: Kill 4 enemies using Widowmaker’s Venom Mine during a single Quick or Competitive Play game.

Smooth as Silk: Kill an enemy with a scoped headshot while airborne as Widowmaker in Quick or Competitive Play.

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