Have you ever listened to the sound of rain or perhaps the rustling of trees in a breeze and thought to yourself, “This is so relaxing.”?
Maybe you’ve taken it a step further and listened to nature sounds whilst you try and relax or work, noticing how it puts you in a much calmer mood.
Well there’s a whole other world for you to explore that will allow you to delve into an array of sounds and experiences to help you find a calm and peaceful state.
Welcome to the world of ASMR!

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a tingling sensation felt when listening to audible triggers that make you feel relaxed.
These triggers could be related to things from your past or perhaps things you never even realised you liked, but when you listen to them you feel calm, relaxed and sometimes tingly.

Much like how the sound of rain on your window can evoke a feeling of calm, many other audible triggers can do the same.
A lot of people like to simply listen to ASMR and close their eyes to get lost within it, whereas some people can find the visual aspect of ASMR videos just as relaxing.

This ASMR guide will teach you everything you need to know, including terminology, triggers and ways of listening to ASMR whilst also giving you some ASMR video inspiration.

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The Ultimate ASMR Guide


ASMR isn’t for everybody, but I do believe a lot of people have probably listened to one or two types of ASMR that weren’t to their taste and have decided ASMR as a whole isn’t for them.

Things to consider when trying to find the right type of ASMR for you are:

  • Triggers
  • Type of voice / gender
  • Role-plays
  • Visual / Audio

First of all I would try to find the type of triggers that you prefer; do you simply like the sound of certain noises like water or tapping, or do you prefer the idea of getting lost in a role-play where you feel like you’re experiencing a full spa session?

Once you have found your triggers, next find the type of voice you enjoy.
We all find different things calming, so perhaps a gentle voice is more soothing to you, or maybe a deeper tone makes you feel safer and therefore more relaxed?

Another thing to take into consideration if you do enjoy the role-play side of ASMR is what kinds do you like?
Some people prefer more realistic ones like visiting a doctor or getting a manicure, whereas others like to delve further into the worlds they explore via games, TV and films.

Naturally through watching / listening to ASMR videos you will find whether the visual side effects you or not.

ASMR To Sleep


You may find this a strange section to add, but the way you listen to ASMR can completely change your engagement with it.
Below are a few of the ways I listen to ASMR.
Each way effects how the ASMR videos may effect you, but I suggest trying each one to see which one suits you best.

  • Eyes closed whilst wearing headphones / earphones: This way is the most immersive as you are solely focusing on your audible triggers (for this I would usually be lay on my bed relaxing or at night as I go to sleep).
  • Eyes open whilst wearing headphones / earphones: This way is good if you also enjoy visual triggers (as you will be watching the video whilst listening to it).
    Your audible focus is lost a little bit but you may enjoy this way a lot more (this is good for people like myself who can sleep well whilst watching TV / films etc).
  • Eyes open whilst not wearing headphones / earphones: For this method I would have a video playing through my iPad or TV, essentially as calming background noise (I find this useful if I need to do some cleaning or work as the room isn’t silent but is filled with relaxing sounds instead).
ASMR For Sleep


There are various words used throughout ASMR videos, some of which took me a while to understand what they meant.
Below are a few followed by their definitions.

  • Trigger: This refers to types of sounds, which people find incredibly relaxing, that can give the listener tingles.
  • Binaural: As you listen through your headphones / earphones, the sound the ASMR artist creates will come through the same respective earphone (for example, if they are whispering in your left ear, you will hear it only in your left ear).
  • Tingles: A feeling you get along the back of your neck, some even feeling it throughout their body, when hearing something that deeply relaxes you.
  • Role-play: These videos usually contain a certain scenario that the ASMR artist will act out (for example, going to the doctors).
  • Personal Attention: These videos will have the ASMR artist giving you their undivided attention (they usually include them looking after you in some way).
  • Tapping: This refers to the sound made when the ASMR artist taps their nails onto something (imagine the noise made when someone taps their nails onto a table to signify that they are waiting for something).
  • Face-touching: Before watching videos containing it I was very confused how this would be possible.
    Videos containing this will have the ASMR artist touching the camera lens (or the area around it), simulating the feeling of touching your face.
Relaxing ASMR


There’s a huge array of triggers, some of which I haven’t even covered in this post, but here are a selection of the most common ones you may find:

  • Whispering: Most videos will contain this as the ASMR artist cannot talk normally as the microphone is set to be very sensitive so it can pick up small sounds.
  • Brushing: Usually involve the ASMR artist brushing the microphone gently (for audible triggers) and the camera lens (for visual triggers).
  • Tapping: The ASMR artist will tap their nails on a variety of objects and textures including: glass, ceramic, wood, metal and more!
  • Role-plays: Various scenarios that may cause triggers including: visiting the doctors, a day at the spa or something related to your favourite TV programme.
  • Crinkles: Usually involving soft plastics as they make crinkly sounds when they are gently scrunched up.
  • Water / Liquid: This can either be simulated rain, spray sounds or pouring sounds from a variety of vessels.
  • Visual: This can either be just a visually beautiful video or specific things like face-touching.
  • No-talking: Rather than it be a trigger itself, it’s the lack of triggers (see mouth sounds and whispering) that some people enjoy.
  • Mouth Sounds: This can include chewing noises or specific sounds that ASMR artists make (like tsk sounds).
ASMR Triggers


I’ve listened to ASMR for a lot of years and have discovered that I tend to react better to a more delicate voice.

I really enjoy spa and doctor role-plays but have also found that simple sounds like water and page-flipping relax me a lot.

However, I have found that mouth-sounds, eating and whispering (for the most part) really negatively trigger me (in a cringe-like way) so I try to avoid them where possible.

You will find things that you too also dislike, so simply make a note of them and keep searching for what you like.

There’s something out there for everyone (unless of course you suffer with misophonia, a disorder in which certain sounds make you feel incredibly uncomfortable), so keep testing and I’m sure eventually you will find something that suits you.

Below are a selection of different types of ASMR videos from an array of ASMR artists, so hopefully along the way you’ll discover someone or something that’s perfect for you!

ASMR Tingles


The spa can be a relaxing place for many people; a place to shut out the outside world and focus on oneself.

For many people the touch of another person via massage etc can also be incredibly comforting, feeling the connection of another human being whilst feeling your stresses melt away.

Below are a selection of scenarios you may find when visiting a spa, wonderfully depicted via ASMR spa videos.

Triggers you may find in this section are:

  • Whispering
  • Brushing
  • Tapping
  • Visual


ASMR Manicure

From dipping your hands into a bowl of warm water to the scent of oil as your hands get massaged, manicures can be incredibly soothing as our hands go through a lot in our day-to-day life.

Get lost in a manicure role-play and see if you leave it feeling calm and relaxed after listening to a wonderful ASMR for sleep video.


ASMR Pedicure

Our feet never get the love they deserve despite carrying the weight of our bodies around all day.
The thousands of steps they take daily, the uncomfortable shoes we encase them in and the lack of care we give them can really take its toll.

Treat yourself to a rejuvenating pedicure and watch as your aches dissipate thanks to the world of ASMR sounds.


ASMR Haircut

Whether it’s the gentle head massage you receive as your hair is washed in a wonderful scent, the refreshing feeling of having your hair trimmed or the magical feeling you get from having your hair dyed and come from it feeling like a new person, hairdressing ASMR covers it all.

Take yourself to the hairdressers and come back feeling like an invigorated new person after exploring the world of ASMR haircut videos.


ASMR Barber

From the soothing sound of foam, which gets placed delicately on your face, to the sound of clippers trimming your hair into a neat and tidy style, the barbers can be a very therapeutic place to visit for many people.

Explore the world of ASMR barber videos and see how restful you feel afterwards.


ASMR Massage

The feeling of having your aching muscles relieved with some oil and a professional massage can be incredibly relaxing for some.
Feeling the weight of your stresses and the tension of your muscles melt away is incredibly soothing and can be very sleep-inducing.

Take yourself for a peaceful ASMR massage and melt into a world of serenity from the comfort of your own home.


ASMR Facial

From the feeling of a brush delicately gliding across your skin to the wonderful scents of a face mask, a facial ASMR could be the perfect choice as you can even replicate it yourself at home.

Combine the wonderful sounds of your chosen video with your favourite face mask, lay back and lose yourself into restful sleep with some relaxing ASMR triggers.



Do you find it hard to choose between all of the above?
Why not choose an ASMR spa video that allows you to experience a little bit of everything?

Get pampered from head to toe whilst you lay wrapped up in the comfort of your own bed.



Do you enjoy the previous role-plays but feel they cater to more of a female audience?

Why not try something that’s a little more male-focused and hopefully more suitable for you, gaining some magical ASMR tingles along the way.


ASMR Makeup

Do you enjoy the feeling of having your makeup applied by a professional?
The soft brushes gliding across your face whilst someone gently whispers the process of what they are doing can be incredibly soothing for some people.

Take a trip to your favourite MUA (Makeup Artist) and see how you feel after a little bit of “you time” and an unwinding ASMR makeup video.


ASMR Eyebrows

The clicking of tweezers as a professional gently plucks your stray hairs from your eyebrows can put some people in a state of rest.
Some also find the application of individual eyelash extension just as joyful to listen to.

Explore the world of the beauty salon and listen to some ASMR to sleep deeper and better.


Visiting the doctor can be a pleasurable experience for many, whether it be for a general consultation or an eye exam, some people find the personal attention a doctor gives to be incredibly relaxing and find doctor-based role-plays to be a favourite.

Below are a selection of scenarios you may find when visiting a doctor, or in this case, an ASMR doctor.

Triggers you may find in this section are:

  • Whispering
  • Tapping
  • Water / Liquid
  • Role-plays
  • Visual


ASMR Cranial Nerve

A cranial nerve exam is a sub-genre of ASMR doctor role-plays that allow the viewer to go through a selection of exams to test the five senses; sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.
These videos are filled with an array of triggers that can be incredibly satisfying for many people.

If the doctors surgery isn’t a place that negatively affects you, I highly recommend trying one of these ASMR YouTube videos out as you may find a trigger you didn’t know you found relaxing.


ASMR Eye Exam

An ASMR eye exam is a great mixture of audible and visual triggers, perfectly simulating a visit to the opticians.

For those that don’t find such trips uncomfortable, this could be a great genre for you as you get to test many ASMR triggers in one video.


ASMR Hearing Test

Hearing tests translate wonderfully through ASMR as it allows ASMR artists to use a selection of items to create soothing sounds.

You may also find quite a bit of whispering in these videos, so if that’s something you enjoy then these videos will be perfect for you.


ASMR Dentist

For a lot of people visiting the dentist is a very unpleasant experience, but there is a collection of people who find the personal attention a dentist brings to be quite calming.

If you think it’s possibly for you, try out this form of ASMR personal attention and see if it makes you feel restful.


ASMR School Nurse

For quite a few people, their experiences with doctors started back at school with visits to the school nurse.
Their comforting nature and the gentle care they gave could be the reason a lot of people find doctor role-plays such a positive experience.

Below is a selection of videos to see if it gives you the ASMR relaxation you are looking for.


ASMR Consultation

Consultations can be great for beginners who are trying to explore ASMR doctor videos.

They come in a variety of sub-genres such as neck and back pain, flu symptoms and general full-body check ups.


ASMR Ear Cleaning

ASMR ear cleaning videos are another sub-genre that focuses on the intense cleaning of the viewers ears.
Typically ASMR artists will use a range of tools to delicately yet deeply clean ones ears, naturally creating a number of triggers.

This genre isn’t for everyone as it can be quite intense, but if you feel up to it you should give it a try.


ASMR Hospital

For some people the doctor’s surgery isn’t enough and they prefer the experience of getting a checkup within a hospital environment.

These videos can sometimes be a little more intense as the role-plays can include injuries and accidents rather than just general checkups.


Some people like to blur the lines between real life and surreal scenarios, some of which also happen to include visiting the doctor.

Whether it’s to change how you look or it’s to get your own personal MOT as a robot, these types of videos are definitely not for everyone yet can still be quite relaxing.

Triggers you may find in this section are:

  • Whispering
  • Tapping
  • Role-plays
  • Visual


ASMR For Sleep

Have you ever wished that you could visit your doctor to completely change your face or body?
Well the videos below allow you to explore this world via a heavy dose of personal attention.

This is definitely an interesting form of ASMR video, however, I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone with real-life body issues as this may negatively trigger you.


ASMR Artificial Intelligence

This is a very niche genre of ASMR on YouTube and is suited to those who enjoy the idea of being part AI.

These videos usually include a lot of personal attention where the doctor will make sure your robotic parts are well oiled and functioning.


ASMR Personal attention videos differ from the spa-related one as these are normally set at home with a friend, partner or loved one caring for you in a variety of ways.

Whether it’s looking after you whilst you’re unwell or pampering you during a sleepover, these videos may be more suitable to you as they are easier to relate to.

Triggers you may find in this section are:

  • Whispering
  • Brushing
  • Tapping
  • Role-plays
  • Water / liquid
  • Visual



The sound of the brush combing through your hair alongside the pleasurable sensation of the brush gliding across your scalp has made hair brushing a positive experience for many.

For me it’s the many memories I have as a child with my mum combing my hair before bed.

If this sounds like something for you, I highly recommend exploring the world of ASMR hair brushing and ASMR hair play videos to see what works best for you.


ASMR Scalp Massage

Scalp massage videos are a little different to hair play and hair brushing videos as they focus a lot on the “scrunching” noises that come with massaging the scalp.

They can create quite a “dry” noise that for some may be very relaxing but may not work for others.


ASMR Nail Painting

Nail painting wonderfully combines audible and visual triggers as viewers usually get to watch as the ASMR artist decorates either their own or a friend’s nails.

These videos usually come with quite a bit of whispering and a good amount of tapping.



If you really like the idea of personal attention-based videos but again feel like everything suggested is tailored more to females (I’ve found that a lot of ASMR videos are), then this section will hopefully suit your needs.

These videos usually contain a partner lovingly pampering the male viewer, whether it be by massage, facial or some other wonderful and relaxing way.


ASMR Eyebrows

As with earlier in the spa segment of this blog post, a lot of people really enjoy the delicate clicking of a pair of tweezers.

This time however you will be lovingly pampered from the comfort of your own home.


ASMR Sketching You

A unique little sub-genre of personal attention videos are the ASMR drawing videos, where the ASMR artist will role-play as someone who needs to sketch you for a school assignment etc.

This can be very relaxing for someone who not only enjoys a lot of personal attention but for someone who enjoys the sound that comes with putting pencil to paper.


ASMR Measuring

This is a sub-genre that I never would have expected to be relaxing, until I started watching videos that included it.

Personally I find the visual triggers of the ASMR artist delicately moving their hands towards my “face” so soothing and is one of the few triggers that actually give me tingles.


ASMR Face Painting

Whether it’s the gentle application on your face or the delicate motions of the brush, face painting can be incredibly therapeutic and many find it takes them back to pleasurable childhood memories.

These videos can sometimes contain a lot of whispering, but suit well for anyone who enjoys visual triggers.


Food is something that the majority of us love, the incredible selection of ingredients out there in the world and the array of recipes we can create with them.

Cooking and baking are also hobbies that a lot of people find very therapeutic, so it’s no surprise that the food side of ASMR is a big hit.
Below you will find a collection of videos ranging from chopping to cooking, some of which you may find audibly or visually relaxing.

However, the food side of ASMR also contains other sub-genres that I personally find very uncomfortable and therefore didn’t include as I wouldn’t be able to fairly assess them for you all.
These usually include lots of ASMR mouth sounds and mukbangs, a type of video that allows the viewer to watch the ASMR artist eat a selection of food.

These videos may be absolutely wonderful to you and that is perfectly okay, but I personally don’t feel comfortable recommending any to you when I can’t watch them myself.

Triggers you may find in this section are:

  • Tapping
  • Visual
  • No-talking


ASMR Breakfast

Mornings are a joyful time for a lot of people, the wonderful flavours of breakfast, the scent of freshly brewed coffee and the rising of the sun.

The videos below cater to such needs and can be lovely to listen to in the morning before starting the day yourself.


ASMR Baking

Baking is a hobby that a lot of us have had the pleasure of dabbling in.
For me personally I baked a lot as a child with my nana, usually making cakes for the rest of our family.

These ASMR cooking videos are very visually triggering as they are usually well shot and well produced by the ASMR artist.


ASMR Cooking

If you like the idea of the baking videos but would prefer to see a wider variety of ingredients and recipes, these videos will probably be for you.

YouTube contains a wonderful selection of ASMR cooking videos from all over the world, so I truly recommend taking a look for yourself.


ASMR Chopping

If cooking and baking isn’t for you but you do enjoy the sounds that are made when cutting various fruits and vegetables, the videos below will suit you perfectly.

From the sharp knife slicing perfectly through the chosen ingredient to the sound of the knife against the wooden chopping board, there are many positive triggers and are great if you prefer ASMR no talking videos.


Sound-based ASMR videos are perfect if you’re not a fan of whispering or talking but do enjoy certain sounds.

Below is a collection of videos from water-based to the infamous slime-based selection.
There should be something here for everyone.

Triggers you may find in this section are:

  • Brushing
  • Tapping
  • Crinkle
  • Water / liquid
  • Visual
  • No-talking


ASMR Water Sounds

Water / liquid videos can contain anything from the pouring of liquids to tapping on objects containing liquids.

If the sound of rain on your window soothes you then this selection may be worth exploring as they contain some amazing ASMR sounds.


ASMR Fabric Sounds

Certain fabrics create some wonderful sounds when they are touched.
It’s a little bit of a niche sub-genre but it’s definitely worth exploring.


ASMR Tapping

ASMR tapping videos are probably some of the most well known.

Anything can be used to tap on, whether it’s the table in-front of you, your phone screen or a glass jar, everything makes its own unique noise when you tap on it and some of the ones that ASMR artists have found are incredibly calming.


ASMR Slime

Floam and slime videos became very popular on Instagram and may also be the catalyst to a lot of people getting into ASMR.
The ASMR slime sub-genre contains an incredible mixture of audible and visual triggers using an array of different types of slime.

From iridescent squidgy slime to foam that delicately pops when it creates air pockets, these are definitely videos that you should check out.


ASMR Soft Sounds

Soft sounds like blankets and fluffy materials can be the perfect introduction to ASMR as they aren’t too intrusive but are lovely and gentle.

If you’re a bit nervous about delving into the world of ASMR, maybe this could be a good starting point for you.


ASMR Typing

ASMR typing videos are ones that usually contain no talking but are simply the ASMR artist typing on a variety of different keyboards.

Whether it be typewriters or modern-day keyboards, the sound of the clicking of the buttons can be very soothing for many people.


ASMR Brushing

A soft brush against the skin feels lovely, so it’s no wonder a lot of people love the sound that’s created via the use of a soft brush against a microphone and thoroughly enjoy ASMR brushing videos.

The soothing sound created allows a lot of people to fall into a deep sleep, making it a great sub-genre to start with if you’re new to ASMR.


ASMR Crinkle

Certain materials make a lovely crinkle sound when they are touched or scrunched up.
This sub-genre is very popular on YouTube and can sometimes contain some very intense sounds.


ASMR Page Turning

For people like myself who enjoy reading, you may enjoy videos that are focused on the magical sound created when flipping pages of a book or magazine.

This is a personal favourite for me and can sometimes even give me tingles.


For some people real-life contains too many negative triggers and they instead prefer to lose themselves within imaginary worlds, whether it be ones they’ve discovered via TV or games or new ones they’ve never explored before.

Below is a selection of a variety of different role-plays from popular TV shows, films, games, anime and more.

Throughout this blog post I have tried my best to be as fair as possible and include many different artists.
For this section I wanted to focus more on the vast array of role-plays available, and as Gibi ASMR is the Queen of this genre, she features heavily in this section.
If you happen to find something that works well for you, please do explore YouTube to see if anyone else happens to be making something similar.

Triggers you may find in this section are:

  • Whispering
  • Mouth sounds
  • Tapping
  • Role-plays
  • Visual



Whether it’s delving deeper into your favourite locations or getting to know your favourite characters better, this collection of ASMR is sure to help you get lost in a different world.


ASMR Anime

The world of anime is incredibly magical and very easy to get lost within, it’s no wonder that ASMR set within these worlds has started to become more popular.


ASMR Gaming

Whether it’s carrying out a variety of quests or getting lost within the beautiful worlds featured in your favourite games, this category is sure to cater to your more nerdier needs.


ASMR Tattoo

Do you find the process of going to a tattoo parlour and picking out the tattoo or piercing you want very relaxing?
Perhaps you’re like myself and don’t have any tattoos but want to explore the experience anyway.

These videos feature a lot of personal attention and some even contain some wonderful drawing-based sounds.


ASMR Fantasy

Do you enjoy the world of fantasy but don’t necessarily want to delve into any specific world?

This section should be great for you, from making potions to dealing with a zombie apocalypse, they should contain some fantastic ASMR triggers for you.


ASMR Kinetic Sand

This collection of videos are a wonderful combination of audible and visual triggers.

Whether they simply be highly produced videos or ones focused on visually appealing things like kinetic sand, the below selection usually don’t contain too much talking and are great to have on in the background when working or you just want to chill out.

Triggers you may find in this section are:

  • Brushing
  • Tapping
  • Crinkle
  • Water / Liquid
  • Visual
  • No-talking

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post.
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