Below is a collection of art and tattoos inspired by the Overwatch character, Soldier: 76.

I shall keep updating this page whenever I find new art or whenever new information releases about the character.

You can also find the story behind Soldier: 76 along with his abilities, ultimate ability and skins.


Jack Morrison grew up in Bloomington, Indiana.
At eighteen, at the earliest opportunity, Morrison packed his bags and joined the military in response to the Omnic Crisis breaking out across America.
He had planned to serve a brief stint in the armed forces and then return home to the family farm, but his work ethic and courage caught the eye of the military brass.
Before long, he earned a coveted position in the government’s controversial and still-classified (but widely acknowledged) Soldier Enhancement Program.
Military scientists shaped Morrison and other inductees into the perfect soldiers, blessed with superhuman speed, strength, and agility.

Morrison and his fellow augmented soldiers would soon put their abilities to use as the United States was devastated by the conflict.
As governments tried and failed to neutralize the omnics, the United Nations was busy forming an international task force called Overwatch. This small, experimental group would bring together the best and brightest from around the world to wage asymmetrical warfare against the robots.

The UN rewarded Morrison for his contributions by making him Overwatch’s first official commander.
After the Omnic Crisis, Overwatch experienced a meteoric rise in prominence.
New funding and resources gave the now-public organization far-reaching global influence.
The world celebrated Overwatch’s agents as heroes, but none more so than Morrison.
He became the face of Overwatch, a symbol of hope and promise, from the cobblestone streets of King’s Row to the sweltering night markets of Bangkok.
Morrison envisioned a bright new future for humanity.
Under his leadership, Overwatch served as a global peacekeeping force and an engine for innovation, making advances in scientific fields as varied as space exploration and medical research.
But even as Overwatch grew in power, Morrison stayed dedicated to the people around him.
He trained new agents, instilling in them Overwatch’s noble goals and ideals.


Real Name: John Francis “Jack” Morrison
Age: 55
Nationality: American
Base: Indiana, USA
Role: Damage


Heavy Pulse Rifle: Automatic assault weapon.

Sprint: Run faster while moving forward.

Biotic Field: Deploy a field that heals you and your allies.

Helix Rockets: Launch a volley of explosive rockets.

Tactical Visor (Ultimate): Automatically aims your weapon at targets in view.



  • Classic


  • Jet
  • Olive
  • Russet
  • Smoke


  • Bone
  • Golden
  • Immortal (Halloween)
  • Ugly Sweater: 76 (Winter Wonderland)
  • Venom (Anniversary)


  • Daredevil: 76
  • Commando: 76
  • Night Ops: 76
  • Stunt Rider: 76
  • Grillmaster: 76 (Summer Games)
  • Slasher: 76 (Halloween)
  • Alpine: 76 (Winter Wonderland)
  • Cyborg: 76 (Anniversary)
  • Formal: 76 (Archives)
  • Strike Commander Morrison (Overwatch Origins: Game of the Year or Legendary Editions)


Rocket Man: Get 2 killing blows with a single use of Soldier: 76’s Helix Rockets in Quick or Competitive Play.

Target Rich Environment: Kill 4 enemies with a single use of Soldier: 76’s Tactical Visor in Quick or Competitive Play.

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