Portraits have been a feature within art for the longest time; depicting loved ones, people of royalty and today depicting people we have created within our own minds.

Every face is beautiful and seeing how different every artist draws people is incredibly inspiring.
Below are a selection of guides for every part of the face and body to help teach you how to draw proportionally correct whilst inspiring you with ideas of what you could draw.

I highly recommend clicking the links underneath each image as all artists included here have many more guides and tutorials on their own pages.


Our head is the vessel that holds our mind, the powerhouse that contains our thoughts, feelings and life’s experiences.

Every word you know, every song you can recall, every taste of every meal you’ve ate, is all retained within the mind.

Coming in an array of shapes and sizes, the head can really change the portrait you are trying to depict.


The eyes are the window to the soul, the vessels that have seen everything we have experienced in life.
From every love experienced to every painful memory, our eyes cannot hide the things we have seen.
Eyes themselves look like miniature galaxies, varying in an array of colours and patterns.


Our noses have helped us to smell many of life’s delights; your favourite meal, a loved ones perfume, freshly cut grass on a summers day.

Scent is an incredibly powerful thing with the ability to transport us back to a time where we experienced said scent for the first time.

The nose also helps aid us in warning of dangers; the smell of smoke usually never comes without fire.

Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, the nose has a wealth of stories to tell.


Without our mouths we wouldn’t have had the ability to experience so many wonderful moments, flavours and feelings.

An array of exotic flavours from around the world, the touch of a lovers lips on yours, the ability to voice the thoughts and feelings you hold inside.

Our lips help us to bring what our minds think out into the world, each mouth with a completely unique story to tell.


Hidden at the sides of our head, our ears are another incredible tool.

Allowing us to hear many beautiful things; birdsong, a loved one sleeping gently, a song that evokes deep feelings within us.

Our ears are small but mighty, wonderfully delicate with their curves and twists, yet mighty enough to allow us to hear things from a distance away.


Our faces are the things that we ourselves see little of but what our loved ones treasure.

Our emotions can be seen with the slight squint of our eyes, the gentle smirk that forms or the delicate raise of an eyebrow.

The face finds it hard to hide the emotions we feel inside.

So much can be said with very gentle tweaks to our features; nobody goes through life wearing the same flat, emotionless expression.


Hair is one of the many ways we express our personality, whether it be via styles, cuts or colours.

From various textures to various lengths, everyone’s hair is incredibly different and drawing it correctly can make the difference between your audience understanding who the portrait is of or not.


Every body is incredibly different; round, muscular, straight, slim, no two bodies are the same.

Regardless of gender, every body is different and therefor should be depicted as so within art.

The fact that we are all so different is in itself incredibly beautiful and should be celebrated as so.


Our hands have felt the touch of many things; a loved one, a soft blanket, a sandy beach.

We explore a lot of life with our hands and they help us to achieve so much.

For every artist who’s hands help them to create worlds to every builder who’s hands help them to create literal worlds, our hands are incredibly useful tools that help to bring us many little pleasures in life.


Our feet have allowed us to travel the world, one step at a time exploring what life has to offer us.

A fluffy rug, a sandy beach, soft grass.

Our feet help keep us upright and allow us to go whoever we desire.

Carrying the weight of our bodies on top of them, our feet go through a hell of a lot and will have their own stories to tell.

Foot Drawing Guide
Foot Drawing Guide by j.drw on Instagram.

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