A wonderful little coffee shop situated in the centre of Scarborough..

Created by two Scarborough natives, Emily and Reece have established a beautiful eatery that encourages eating healthier whilst also promoting balance throughout the menu.

With the help of seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, Native Health Deli provide a vast menu catering to a wide range of dietry requirements whilst producing an extensive vegetarian and vegan selection of food and drinks.

They have recently been awarded a Healthier Choices Gold Award, a programme which aims to help and support businesses in offering healthier choices to the people of North Yorkshire.

Native Health Deli offer 10% discount to emergency services and students with proof of ID.

They have also signed the “pledge against plastics” with Sea Champions North East, promising to supply recyclable and biodegradable takeaway containers, cups and cutlery.

Also a part of ‘I Am Reusuable’, Native Health Deli offer 20p off your drink if you bring your own cup, along with providing a free water refill station if you have your own bottle.

The layout of the shop is very open and is not cluttered with tables, making it very easy for people with wheelchairs to navigate.

They are also dog-friendly, providing water bowls and dog treats for your furry friends.

Native also wonderfully cater to children and those looking after children, supplying a children’s menu, high chairs, toys and a changing facility, so if you need to do a spot of work whilst you’re looking after the children, Native have you covered!

Native Health Deli, Scarborough
Native Health Deli, Scarborough.


You can find Native Health Deli on St Nicholas Street, a short walk away from the Grand Hotel Scarborough and across the road from St Nicholas Gardens.

View from Native Health Deli
View from Native Health Deli.


The overall aesthetic is beautiful and cosy, I love the sage palette they chose as it feels very clean and natural.

It’s cosy, minimal and lovely, which really helps to make you feel calm and relaxed.

Despite the seats being hard-backed they were reasonably comfortable and I could easily have spent a few hours sat working in them with no problem.

At the front of the shop there’s lots of natural lighting, so if you are planning on drawing I would highly recommend sitting by the window.

However, the shop doesn’t contain any harsh lighting so if those tables are occupied you should be fine anywhere else.

The coffee bar
The coffee bar.

The staff were so friendly, attentive and welcoming, they really made it feel like you were spending time in their home, not just any old coffee shop.

Native offer free WiFi, so if you have some admin, blogging or just social media browsing to do then here is the perfect place.

As I visited when it had just opened I can’t say what the usual atmosphere is like, but my visit was definitely very calming, peaceful and relaxing.

Dotted around is lots of books and mantras regarding peaceful living, so I think anyone would find it hard to visit and not feel at ease.

Inside the cafe
Inside the cafe.

I’m not sure what the usual clientele is here, but after following them on social media I would say it seems to be families, the local community and sometimes a local yoga group.

Again I can’t comment on the usual noise levels here, however, during my visit I was graced with some really peaceful and relaxing music, I really wish I would’ve asked for the playlist!

There’s lots of plug sockets dotted around, including USB slots!

You would definitely be able to spend a few hours working here, it’s incredibly peaceful and relaxing, the tables are a good size and there’s a beautiful selection of food and drinks on offer.

A succulent decoration
A succulent decoration.
The table menu
The table menu.


They have a great selection of coffees including a beautifully juicy hand poured filter, which tasted incredibly juicy and well-balanced.

You can have all of your drinks made with non-dairy milks if required.

Alongside coffee, Native Health Deli also offer a selection of teas and smoothies, the perfect way to start your day!

Hand-brewed coffee
Hand-brewed coffee.
The drinks menu
The drinks menu.


They had a fantastic menu, which I really struggled to choose from as they had such an incredible selection for vegetarians and vegans.

I opted for the banana and peanut butter porridge followed by the avocado on toast.

Everything I had was full of flavour and I really wish I had a Native Health Deli back home in Manchester so I could try more of their menu.

Porridge with banana and cocoa nibs
Porridge with banana and cocoa nibs.
Avocado on toast
Avocado on toast.
The food menu
The food menu.

Overall it was such a wonderful experience and I really wish I could’ve spent longer there.

I’m already excited to be going back to Scarborough in summer so I can visit Native Health Deli again!

You can find Native Health Deli here:

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The menu board
The menu board.

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