Below is a collection of art and tattoos inspired by the Overwatch character, Mercy.

I shall keep updating this page whenever I find new art or whenever new information releases about the character.

You can also find the story behind Mercy along with her abilities, ultimate ability and skins.


As a child, Angela Ziegler grew up during the Omnic Crisis. 
The last day she saw her parents alive were when they left the house to volunteer at the local hospital as they usually did, as Switzerland dealt with the consequences of the war. 
Both of them were killed in an airstrike. 
Waiting for them to come home, she learnt the truth when a police officer came to her house, delivering the news.

As a teenager, Ziegler established herself as a medical prodigy. While still studying, 14-year-old Ziegler visited Torbjörn in the hospital after the loss of his arm in battle.

After obtaining her MD and PHD in Switzerland, Ziegler rose to become the head of surgery at a prominent Swiss hospital before pioneering a breakthrough in the field of applied nanobiology that radically improved the treatment of life-threatening illnesses and injuries. 
It was this expertise that attracted the attention of Overwatch.
She personally met with Commander Jack Morrison at Overwatch HQ.

Morrison told her that he wanted to become head of Overwatch’s medical research. 
Ziegler was greatly tempted by the offer, but stated her reservations—she wanted to focus on the civilian and peacetime applications of her work.
Morrison was cordial in his response, and pointed out that if she joined Overwatch, she wouldn’t have to worry about grants or haggle for new equipment.
Whatever she needed, she’d get.
Ziegler agreed to join Overwatch.


Real Name: Angela Ziegler
Age: 37
Nationality: Swiss
Base: Zurich, Switzerland
Role: Support


Caduceus Staff: Either heal an ally or increase an ally’s damage inflicted.

Caduceus Blaster: Automatic weapon.

Guardian Angel: Fly towards an ally.

Resurrect: Revive a dead teammate.

Angelic Descent: Fly very slowly.

Regeneration (Passive): Automatically heal over time.

Valkyrie (Ultimate): Gavin the ability to fly. Abilities are enhanced.



  • Classic


  • Celestial
  • Mist
  • Orchid
  • Verdant


  • Amber
  • Cobalt
  • Eidgenossin (Summer Games)
  • Fortune (Lunar New Year)
  • Snow Angel (Winter Wonderland)


  • Valkyrie
  • Imp
  • Sigrún
  • Devil
  • Winged Victory (Summer Games)
  • Witch (Halloween)
  • Sugar Plum Fairy (Winter Wonderland)
  • Zhuque (Lunar New Year)
  • Combat Medic Ziegler (Archives)
  • 2019 Atlantic All-Stars
  • Dr. Ziegler (Mercy’s Recall Challenge)


Group Health Plan: Restore 200 health for 5 allies without dying as Mercy in Quick or Competitive Play.

Huge Rez: Resurrect 6 allies without dying as Mercy in Quick or Competitive Play.

Overwatch Tattoos Mercy Overwatch Fanart
Mercy Overwatch Fanart by Digiflohw on Instagram.

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