A mandala grid is something myself and many other artists use as a template for our creations.

If you’re looking to create something more uniformed and symmetrical, a mandala grid can help ensure that every part of the design is correctly measured.

Some artists use a variety of different methods, the method below is one that I have developed over the years as with some tweaking, I can create a mandala grid as big as a wall if I wish!

This method may seem a little time consuming, but once you’ve got the hang of it you will be able to recreate it in a short amount of time.

You could also draw one grid and put tracing paper over it, using that for the design itself and ensuring you never ruin your mandala grid!

Mandala in Process


  • Paper / sketchbook
  • Ruler 
  • Pencil
  • CD (pick one you don’t like in case you scratch it!)
How to Make a Mandala Grid



Find the middle points of both sides of the page.

To do this, use your ruler to measure the page width then divide that number by 2.

Now do the same with the length.

Make a mark on the page where these points are.

Once you’ve done that, join up the lines to make a cross.

It should look like the image below.

How to Make a Mandala


Now place your CD on the page.

You want it so the smaller circle in the middle of the CD is perfectly centre.

You should be able to tell this by looking at the small cross within the circle.



Now draw around the outer edge of the CD and the smaller circle in the centre.

You will want to keep a hand on the CD at all times to stop it from moving.

Art Tutorial


Now use your ruler to measure in between the lines made with the cross.

To do this, place the 0cm mark of the ruler at one edge and place the ruler diagonally to the other mark, where it should reach around 8.5cm.

It will look like the image below.

To find the centre, take note of the measurement and divide it by 2, making a mark on the page where that point is.

Do this for all 4 sides.

Mandala Ideas


Join all of the new marks together, creating a new cross along the page.

If done correctly, the new cross should perfectly interject the smaller circle in the centre.

Mandala Guides
Art How To


Now do the same process again with each new segment you have created.

The aim of this is to create 16 segments on the page.

Art Tutorial
Mandala DIY
Mandala Grid


Measure along each line and make a mark every 0.5cm.

This ensures you have a detailed grid, which makes creating symmetrical patterns much easier.

I prefer to start my measuring from the outer circle and bring my way in as it seems to consistently create an even grid.

Mandala Tutorial
Mandala How To


Now join each of the lines together, creating what looks like a spider web.

You can do it without the ruler, but the wider parts may become tricky to keep neat.

It’s best practice to do this with the ruler.

Art Guide

You have now created your mandala grid!

The reason this is done with a pencil is so you can rub out the lines once you have created your design.

I would recommend using the tracing paper method I described earlier to start practicing mandalas before you start working properly on paper.

Most importantly, have fun!

If you make any mandalas using my grid method, please let me know as I’d love to see your designs

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