Below is a collection of art and tattoos inspired by the Overwatch character, Hanzo.

I shall keep updating this page whenever I find new art or whenever new information releases about the character.

You can also find the story behind Hanzo along with his abilities, ultimate ability and skins.


The Shimada family was established centuries ago, a clan of assassins whose power grew over the years, enabling them to build a vast criminal empire out of Hanamura that profited from lucrative trade in arms and illegal substances. 
As the eldest son of Sojiro Shimada, the family’s head, Hanzo was bound by duty to succeed his father and rule the Shimada empire.
He was a prodigy in martial arts, swordplay, and bowmanship.

Upon the death of his father, the clan elders instructed Hanzo to straighten out his wayward younger brother, Genji, so that he, too, might help rule the Shimada empire. 
When his brother refused, Hanzo was forced to kill him. Unbeknownst to Hanzo, however, Genji narrowly survived the attempt with the help of Overwatch. 
This act broke Hanzo’s heart and drove him to reject his father’s legacy, ultimately leading him to abandon the clan and all that he had worked so hard to attain.
Furthermore, he swore to never again wield a sword, and would forevermore rely on his skills with the bow.
Seeing his abandonment as betrayal, the clan declared Hanzo an enemy and assassins were sent time and again to kill him.

Now, Hanzo travels the world, perfecting his skills as a warrior, attempting to restore his honor and put the ghosts of his past to rest, honing his murderous skills all the while.

Overwatch Tattoos Hanzo Overwatch Skins
Hanzo Overwatch Skins by nairiai DeviantArt.


Real Name: Hanzo Shimada
Age: 38
Nationality: Japanese
Base: Hanamura, Japan
Role: Damage


Storm Bow: Hold to charge then release to launch arrows further.

Storm Arrows: The next 5 arrows fire instantly at reduced damage.

Sonic Arrow: Reveals enemies for a short time upon impact.

Lunge: Double jump.

Wall Climb (Passive): Jump at walls to climb up them.

Dragonstrike (Ultimate): Launch a deadly Dragon Spirit that devastates enemies it passes through.



  • Classic


  • Azuki
  • Kinoko
  • Midori
  • Sora


  • Cloud
  • Dragon
  • Demon (Halloween)


  • Kabuki
  • Young Hanzo
  • Young Master
  • Lone Wolf
  • Okami
  • Wave (Summer Games)
  • Casual (Winter Wonderland)
  • Huang Zhong (Lunar New Year)
  • Cyberninja (Anniversary)
  • Scion (Archives)


Simple Geometry: Get 3 killing blows with a single use of Hanzo’s Storm Arrows in Quick or Competitive Play.

The Dragon is Sated: Kill 4 enemies with one of Hanzo’s Spirit Dragons in Quick or Competitive Play.

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