Hand tattoos are becoming more socially acceptable as we see many of our favourite celebrities wearing them.
Whether it’s a full hand tattoo, a delicate finger tattoo, a beautiful wrist tattoo or a daring palm tattoo, there’s sure to be something to inspire you here!


Widely regarded as one of the more painful places to get tattooed, it’s no wonder a lot of people choose not to get them despite loving the look of them.
As our hands are covered with thin and sensitive skin and are very bony and filled with ligaments, this makes for a quite painful experience.

As ink doesn’t quite sit in the skin as easily as other parts of the body, artists may have to go over the same area a few times, which can be quite painful.
People with hand tattoos have said that the pain feels intense and sharp with a stinging sensation as the needle feels like it goes quite deep into the skin.

However, some people with hand tattoos have said that they actually found the pain to be quite tolerable and that in fact the healing was the worst part of the process.


The healing process for hand tattoos is quite difficult as it’s an area of the body that gets a lot of use.
With a lot of swelling, tightness and tingling, it is best to make sure you can have some time away from work for many days after the tattoo to give it the best possible chance of healing.


Hands have an uneven surface and delicate skin, making them a very difficult place to tattoo.
When looking for an artist to tattoo your hands, make sure you have seen images in their portfolio that show you they are capable of doing a hand tattoo.

Something else to consider is that despite hand tattoos being more socially acceptable than they once were, many people still judge those who have them.
With this in mind, a lot of employers will not consider someone with hand tattoos.

As hand tattoos do not age particularly well, you may need to get them retouched at some point to ensure the design looks the best it can.
Some people have had to get them retouched multiple times to make sure, so if the pain of a hand tattoo is worrying for you, do consider the fact you may need to do the process multiple times.


Full hand tattoos make for some very bold and very beautiful pieces.
Whether you opt for something more delicate or something more like a statement piece, below are a collection of hand tattoos to inspire your next piece!

Eye Hand Tattoo
A gorgeous eye tattoo by be no tattoos on Instagram.


Finger tattoos are more popular for people who like the idea of a hand tattoo but don’t want to make the bold decision to cover the whole hand.
You can still have a delicate piece or a bold design, but instead of it taking up a lot of space it can create quite an ornamental piece instead.


Wrist tattoos are probably the most socially accepted hand tattoo design as you can stop once you reach the hand, overlap the hand a little or go full-on and create a wrist and hand sleeve.


Palm tattoos are the hardest to heal as the skin on the palm grows fast and it is an area of the body that gets used a lot.
Not a lot of artists will consider doing palm tattoos for those very reasons.
The palm is also one of the more painful places on the hand to be tattooed.

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