A collection of floral tattoo inspiration from various artists..

Floral tattoos will forever be popular as they suit all genders and come in a huge array of styles.
This blog post holds a collection of floral tattoo inspiration, with an array of styles to suit everyone.

Do you like something small and delicate or a huge brightly coloured sleeve?

Floral art can fit incredibly well with any style.

Below is a collection of floral tattoo inspiration from some of my favourite artists.

Hopefully this blog can inspire you with your next floral tattoo whilst allowing you to discover new artists along the way!

I have credited all artists underneath each photo.


Small tattoos can look incredibly beautiful as they turn your body into its own sketchbook of doodles.

Small tattoos allow you show the world the things that make you happy whilst barely taking up any room on your skin.

As small tattoos are so delicate and discreet, you should not come into any problems regarding work.

For more small tattoo inspiration, you can read this blog post.


Realistic botanical tattoos are a fairly modern concept, mostly made popular by Rit.Kit.Tattoo on Instagram.

Rita uses a very unique technique, which she lovingly calls a “live leaf” tattoo.

Firstly, she rubs the chosen flowers or leaves onto a piece of tattoo transfer paper, inking up the chosen flower.

Secondly, she then puts it onto the body, leaving a blue imprint stencil.

As a result, allowing her to have a realistic size of the flower or leaves to use as a base.

Then she will fill the stencil with the correct colours, making it look like you are simply wearing a part of Mother Nature on your body.

I find too much floral tattoo inspiration from Rita’s work!

Leaves can make for a gorgeous tattoo with their array of greens, blues and white.

You can have a leaf tattoo anywhere on your body; the shape of leaves varies depending on the style of tattoo and the type of leaf.


Black and grey tattoos will forever be timeless; they suit every gender and every skin tone.

From realistic looking pieces to more patten-based designs, there’s something for everyone.

The application of shading, stippling and/or dotwork can really change a piece from being dark and bold to delicate and ornamental.

Below is a selection of black and grey floral tattoo inspiration.

A small application of white ink can transform a design, notably as it
It is used usually in floral pieces to add the illusion of water droplets shining on the leaves or petals.


Adding mandalas within a floral piece can turn it from a singular tattoo to a whole sleeve.

As mandalas are naturally quite a floral shape, they look incredibly beautiful with almost all flowers and leaves.

To make a mandala look more masculine, adding lots of darker areas to it will make it more bold.
To make a more feminine mandala, adding more dotwork to it can create the illusion of it being quite delicate.

Hand tattoos are no longer the “life-ruining” choice they used to be.
Tattoos in general are more socially-accepted and as a result so are hand tattoos.

Floral hand tattoos can look especially beautiful; the flow of their design can really look nice as a finger tattoo or thumb tattoo.


Colour tattoos can make for some beautiful pieces; their vibrancy and palette can turn your body into a world of its own.

From delicate pastel pieces to big, bold traditional pieces, there are many different styles to choose from and I’m sure you’ll find something to suit your needs.

A delicate use of colour can be very effective; using a stippling technique can really make a very simple design pop.

New-traditional style tattoos combine a more vibrant colour palette with a delicate use of linework.

This style can make for a great option if you prefer more delicate linework and a bolder application of colour.

A bold application of colour can really make for some incredible tattoos.

Typically, traditional-style tattoos age the best as their use of a simple colour palette combined with a thicker outline allows the tattoo to hold for longer and age better.

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