At the beginning of this year I decided to set myself a challenge in order to keep myself busy whilst I continued to live in lockdown.
I wanted to create a new drawing every single day, hopefully encouraging me to develop myself as an artist whilst creating content for everyone.

I found the challenge quite difficult at first as it was a struggle to manage my time, but as the month went on I found it much easier and incredibly fun.
I’m really happy with the progress I made and I’m very excited to see where the next few months take me.

Most of the designs below can be purchased in a variety of ways:

Twitch emotes and badges.
Stickers and magnets.

If you would like a custom design creating, please email me at


Please feel free to move the sliders to compare the original sketches to the finished designs.
Links underneath each image direct you to where you can purchase them as Twitch emotes and badges on my shop.

If you do not have a Twitch channel but would like to purchase the designs as stickers or magnets, you can do so here.

Happy 2021 Digital DrawingHappy 2021 Digital Drawing
Day 1 / 365 | Happy 2021!

Dipped Strawberry Digital ArtDipped Strawberry Digital Art
Day 2 / 365 | Dipped Strawberry

Custom Design for Slimeriel_ Digital PaintingCustom Design for Slimeriel_ Digital Painting
Day 3 / 365 | Custom Twitch Badge for Silmeriel_

Strawberry Cake Food IllustrationStrawberry Cake Food Illustration
Day 4 / 365 | Strawberry Layer Cake

Legend of Zelda Sheikah Slate DrawingLegend of Zelda Sheikah Slate Drawing
Day 5 / 365 | Sheikah Slate

Red Velvet Cake Food IllustrationRed Velvet Cake Food Illustration
Day 6 / 365 | Red Velvet Cake

Legend of Zelda Hylian Crest DrawingLegend of Zelda Hylian Crest Drawing
Day 7 / 365 | Hylian Crest

Legend of Zelda Heart Container DrawingLegend of Zelda Heart Container Drawing
Day 8 / 365 | Heart Container

Legend of Zelda Master Sword DrawingLegend of Zelda Master Sword Drawing
Day 9 / 365 | Master Sword

Digital Drawing ArtDigital Drawing Art
Day 10 / 365 | Digital Drawing

Rainbow Paintbrush Digital PaintingRainbow Paintbrush Digital Painting
Day 11 / 365 | Rainbow Paintbrush

Custom Logo Design for KierzOfWarCustom Logo Design for KierzOfWar
Day 12 / 365 | Custom Logo for KierzOfWar

Rainbow Art Palette PaintingRainbow Art Palette Painting
Day 13 / 365 | Rainbow Palette

Coloured Pencil DrawingColoured Pencil Drawing
Day 14 / 365 | Coloured Pencils

Ko-Fi Ambassador Digital ArtKo-Fi Ambassador Digital Art
Day 15 / 365 | Ko-Fi Ambassador

Sketchbook Coffee DrawingSketchbook Coffee Drawing
Day 16 / 365 | Sketchbook Doodle

Custom Design for NepentheZCustom Design for NepentheZ
Day 17 / 365 | Custom Facebook Sticker for NepentheZ

Art Easel Digital PaintingArt Easel Digital Painting
Day 18 / 365 | Art Easel

Custom Design for NepentheZCustom Design for NepentheZ
Day 19 / 365| Custom Facebook Sticker for NepentheZ

PS5 Controller DesignPS5 Controller Design
Day 20 / 365 | PS5 Controller

Custom Design for NepentheZCustom Design for NepentheZ
Day 21 / 365| Custom Facebook Sticker for NepentheZ

PS4 Controller DesignPS4 Controller Design
Day 22 / 365 | PS4 Controller

Custom Design for NepentheZCustom Design for NepentheZ
Day 23 / 365| Custom Facebook Sticker for NepentheZ

PS3 Controller DesignPS3 Controller Design
Day 24 / 365 | PS3 Controller

Custom Design for NepentheZCustom Design for NepentheZ
Day 25 / 365| Custom Facebook Sticker for NepentheZ

PS2 Controller DesignPS2 Controller Design
Day 26 / 365 | Silver PS2 Controller

PS1 Controller DesignPS1 Controller Design
Day 27 / 365 | PS1 Controller

Custom Design for AGuyNamedBootsCustom Design for AGuyNamedBoots
Day 28 / 365 | Custom Twitch Emote for AGuyNamedBoots

Portal Companion Cube DrawingPortal Companion Cube Drawing
Day 29 / 365 | Companion Cube

Pokemon Pokeball DesignPokemon Pokeball Design
Day 30 / 365 | Love Ball

Mario Life-Up Heart PaintingMario Life-Up Heart Painting
Day 31 | Life-Up Heart

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