A collection of space-inspired tattoo flash designs available for purchase..

Tattoo flash are designs made by an artist (usually a tattoo artist) which have not been custom designed for a specific customer, but are made available to whomever wants them first.

Usually, once a design has been bought / tattooed, the design is no longer available for anyone else to obtain.

I have been making art for over 7 years and many of my designs have been used as tattoo designs.

As it seems to be what people want most from my work (as apposed to full original designs to put on their walls), I decided to create a range of designs that anyone could buy and take to their own tattoo artist to have applied on them.

You can buy this Earth-based tattoo design here.

I am fully aware that by putting my work online people may steal it.

Please refrain from doing this.

I put many hours into researching my designs and creating them.

Every bit of money I earn helps me to pay bills, buy food and keep a roof over my head.

It is my dream to be able to pay my bills through my art, supporting me makes that dream possible.

Thank you.

For my first flash sheet I decided to stick to the theme of the cosmos as it has inspired me since I was very little.

I love the beauty of it, the mystery of it and even the idea of how overwhelming it all is.

I would sit for hours reading books about space, trying to wrap my child-mind around the idea of it and how vast it truly was.

As I got older I started watching DVD’s by Brian Cox and stargazing whenever possible.

Two of my lifetime dreams are to be able to be in a place dark enough to properly stargaze (I live in the city so it is very light polluted), and the next is to be able to see the Northern Lights.

All of these pieces took me over a week to create, which may not sound long, but I was so enveloped by the concept that I spent pretty much every hour of those days just researching and drawing!

I created these pieces using my iPad Pro and an app called Procreate as they allow me to create crisp designs, which are easier to send to potential customers as apposed to original pieces.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post.
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