Mental Health

The Ultimate ASMR Guide

The Ultimate ASMR Guide

Have you ever listened to the sound of rain or perhaps the rustling of trees in a breeze and thought to yourself, “This is so relaxing.”?Maybe you’ve taken it a step further and listened to nature sounds whilst you try and relax or work, noticing how it puts you in a much calmer mood.Well there’s […] Read more…

Mental health facilities

Mental Health and Hospitality | My Experience

Inspired by an event I went to last year, I decided to write about my experiences within hospitality and how it affected my mental health.. Situated at Takk’s newest establishment at University Green, Suppers by Sonali held a wonderful night of openly talking about mental health awareness whilst raising money for Tommy’s, a charity that […] Read more…

Instagram, art and mental health

Instagram, Art and Mental Health

How trying to run a business on Instagram negatively effected my mental health.. My journey with social media started back in university. We were asked as part of our module to create a blog to document our journey with art and the module itself. I created a very bad WordPress blog, as did the rest […] Read more…