A collection of butterfly tattoo ideas from artists around the world..

Symbolising freedom, change, beauty and transformation; butterfly tattoos can make for a great choice for all genders.
Below are a collection of butterfly tattoo ideas to help you decide on your next tattoo and hopefully enlighten you to some amazing artists!

I have credited all artists underneath each photo.


Small butterfly tattoos can make for great pieces, especially if you’re getting it for a personal reason.
As these pieces are so small, they are easy to hide and keep for your eyes only.


If you’re after a more bold and daring piece, a larger black and grey design can be a great choice.
Below are a few black and grey butterfly tattoo ideas to inspire you!

Sternum tattoo
Sternum tattoo by edtaemets on Instagram.


As butterflies are filled with an array of colours, they can make for some absolutely beautiful tattoo designs.
From vivid blues to fiery reds, there’s a colour palette to suit everyone!

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