Holidays are experiences that we look forward to, save up hard for and wish would never end.
We experience so many firsts; your first holiday, your first time flying, your first time visiting a specific country, and maybe even your first time experiencing activities such as surfing, paragliding and whale watching.

Some people love their holidays and their experiences so much that one to immortalise them in the form of beautiful travel tattoos.
Below is a collection of travel tattoo ideas that may inspire you to capture one of your memories forever, whether it be a travel tattoo small enough for you to keep to yourself or something to wear loud and proud!


A specific location may hold a lot of memories for you and therefor be a special place in your heart.
Whether it’s a country, town or place of interest, wearing a travel tattoo on your body is sure to remind you of the beautiful experiences you had and the wonderful places you explored.


Perhaps you would like to show your love for travel in a less obvious way, or maybe you want to mark the memory of your first flight on the canvas that is your body.

Whether you include a specific location in your design or just a beautiful looking place, there are many gorgeous ways to show your love for travelling.


Taking part in activities is something that will stay with you for life, especially if it’s your first time experiencing them.

Maybe you found a new hobby or you experienced something that changed you as a person, a beautiful moment will always make a lovely tattoo and something that will make you smile whenever you see it!


From capturing photographs to meaningful locations, memories are something we always wish to keep but sadly the visual side can slip away.

A tattoo of your favourite holiday memory will make a beautiful addition to your tattoo collection and will make a great conversation piece!

If you’re interested in the art of making memories and making your life more memorable, please check out this blog post inspired by Meik Wiking’s book.


So you like travelling and want to get a tattoo showing so, but you don’t have a specific location or memory in mind?
Why not get a tattoo celebrating travel in general, like a world map or an Earth-based tattoo?

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