I am excited for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which is coming out on March 20th.
Today Nintendo released the Animal Crossing Direct, a video showcasing all of the features of the new game and the future plans they have for it.

I wanted to write about it and also use this opportunity to show some beautiful Animal Crossing fan art.

The Animal Crossing Direct was separated into 3 parts:

  • Part 1: A refresher of the in-game getaway package
  • Part 2: Future developments
  • Part 3: FAQ’s

Below I talk in-depth about each part and what we can expect from Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Everything is this post is from the Animal Crossing direct.

Art by DigiDemii.

For more Animal Crossing art designs, check out this blog post.


Part 1 of the Animal Crossing Direct was a refresher of the in-game getaway package, showcasing everything available within the game.

The refresher covered how the game starts.
You arrive via aeroplane, deciding which island you would like to live and also which hemisphere you would like to play in.

You are provided with a tent and the choice of where to set up your little camp.

Some of the other island residents may also ask you to set up their camps too, allowing you to decide where on the island they live.

The refresher also covered the details regarding seasons and how each season brings with it new flaura, fauna and activities:

  • Spring: Cherry blossoms, flowers and apples
  • Summer: Lots of bugs native to the island, fruit, clear skies and rainbows at the beach
  • Autumn / Fall: Colour-changing leaves (which can be collected), collectible seeds and collectible mushrooms
  • Winter: Snow, buildable snowmen, snowballs and aurora lights at night time


The island will also provide you with two facilities that are open 24 hours a day:


  • Sells goods
  • You can sell unwanted items
  • Offers free DIY workshops to teach you to craft by following recipes and collecting materials, eventually teaching you how to customise items too


  • You can use the Internet / wireless connection to invite residents of other islands to your island
  • You can travel to other islands
  • 8 people (including yourself) can be on an island
  • Offers an in-game postal service 
Animal Crossing New Horizons Isabelle
Art by DigiDemii.


Whilst on the island, Nook Inc will also provide a range of special services for you.


  • Provides basic necessities; torch, bed and Nook Phone
  • The Nook Phone comes with a camera and a map, with plans to add new apps in the future 


  • Tom Nook will start each day with an island-wide broadcast
  • Broadcasts will come with a greeting, the latest important island events and deserted island advice


  • Nook Mileage Programme
  • The Nook Mileage Programme offers tasks, which when completed, give you Nook Miles
  • Nook Miles can be saved to pay off the cost of the getaway package and also can be exchanged for in-game rewards such as Nook Inc. merchandise and useful items to enrich your experience on the island

The Nook Mileage Programme reminds me a lot of the achievement and trophy systems you find on XBox and PS4.
However, with the completion of the in-game tasks you are rewarded with Nook Miles, a form of currency.


  • You can stumble across spiders, wasps and scorpions 
  • You can get stung
  • Symptoms can be cured using medicine


  • The island will be very dark so you should light your path
  • You may discover scary things, such as Wisp, a spirit that appears throughout the Animal Crossing series


  • If you get lost on the island you can use your Nook Phone to help you
  • If you call the rescue service you will be transported home


Nook Inc. offers a range of optional extras, which are included in your getaway package.


Upgrade from a tent to building your own house!

  • The loan has no deadline or interest
  • Don’t worry about applying, you can pay at your own pace
  • Your house has its own storage system to place items when you don’t need them
  • Interior design is now heavily customisable with the ability to change patterns easily and click and place items anywhere on walls or floors
  • You are able to extend or remodel your home 


You can use your Nook Miles to purchase a ticket.

  • With a ticket you can travel to distant islands (the destination will change each time and also depends on how the pilot is feeling)
  • This service offers you the ability to take mystery tours
  • These islands will be full of trees and items that you can take back home
  • You may also meet new people here!


Playing together using Party Play.

  • 8 people can live on 1 island
  • Islands with multiple residents can use Party Play
  • You can call up other residents on the island to join your party
  • Parties can contain a maximum of 4 people
  • There can only be 1 leader, the others will be followers
  • Leaders can be switched easily
  • Any creatures or items collected by followers will be stored in a recycle box in the Resident Services tent for you to collect and claim


You will be able to connect with people in-game using a real-world app, Nook Link.

  • Nook Link allows you to scan QR Codes of patterns and custom designs created in Animal Crossing New Leaf and Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer
  • Patterns and custom designs created from those games can then be imported into your Animal Crossing New Horizons game
  • You can talk to other players using Nook Link and it will appear in-game as a speech bubble
  • Voice chat is also enabled 
  • This app will be launched after the game has been released


Part 2 of the Animal Crossing direct covered the future plans Nintendo has for Animal Crossing New Horizons.
This included; additional residents, additional facilities, residential expansions, free events and much more!


  • Additional residents will be added to eventually create a bustling community 
  • You can reserve a plot of land on the island to ensure that new residents won’t move there
  • You can invite residents from other islands to come and live on your island
  • Residential services will also eventually expand


  • A museum to show you a vast array of wildlife
  • Nook’s Cranny, which sells items you can’t craft
  • Able Sisters, a tailors offering clothing and accessories
  • A campsite where you can invite guests for recreational purposes


  • The Residential Services expansion comes with an expansion of the in-game housing business, allowing more customisation options
  • The ability for remodelling your home and the island is too much work for Tom Nook to take on, so he’s got himself some help in the form of Isabelle!


  • Visitors / tourists will appear on your island, offering the opportunity to learn many things from them
  • There will be the opportunity for cultural exchanges, learning customs unfamiliar to the residents on your island and the chance to teach them your customs


  • Travelling merchants will also appear on your island
  • These merchants will offer items that can not be crafted on your island


  • Future updates will see special island events take place
  • These events include fishing tourneys and bug-offs!
  • There will also be free seasonal events that feature special guests


  • You can build bridges, staircases, ramps and more!
  • These creations can help you and the island’s residents navigate the island, meaning you no longer have to rely on vaulting poles and ladders
  • Once the island has been fully decked-out, you will be provided with an Island Designer Permit
  • The permit will allow you to terraform the island by paving your own paths, waterscaping and creating waterfalls, and modifying rivers and cliffs


Part 3 of the Animal Crossing direct covered some of the most asked questions.

Below are all questions that were covered.


Can I play the game together with my family on a single Nintendo Switch console?

  • 1 Nintendo Switch console and 1 copy of Animal Crossing New Horizons equals 1 shared island
  • Each island can hold 8 residents / users
  • Each Nintendo Switch user can create 1 resident
  • All residents can build their own homes etc

Does the game support Amiibo?

  • Yes! Amiibo figures and cards from the Animal Crossing series will work within the game
  • Not all characters will work at launch, but there are plans to support additional characters in the future
Animal Crossing New Horizons Peach
Art by DigiDemii.

Do you have any more information about visiting friends?

  • Whilst visiting other islands you can communicate with anyone, including people not registered as friends
  • People not registered as friends can be connected with using a Dodo Code; a temporary password
  • This feature can be restricted via Nintendo Switch’s parental controls
  • When playing with friends, whether on your island or theirs, axes and shovels will be forbidden to ensure the safety of your islands
  • You can list people as your “best friend”, which will allow them to use these forbidden tools

What if I lose my save data?

  • Animal Crossing New Horizons does not support the save data cloud feature
  • However, Nintendo plan to offer a service to recover backed up save data from the server in future
  • This service will be for very certain circumstances such as console damage or loss
  • This service will be available sometime after launch

Will there be a special themed console to go along with the game?

  • Yes! (It’s absolutely gorgeous!)
  • The unique console comes with a download code for Animal Crossing New Horizons 
  • A themed carry case for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite is also available
A gorgeous digital painting of Daisy-Mae by syertse on Instagram.

Will there be any free updates after launch?

  • Yes! Free seasonal updates will be available throughout the year
  • The first free update will be available on launch day
  • Downloading this update will allow you to celebrate the Bunny Day event in April
  • There are plans to roll out a special offer for Animal Crossing New Horizons and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp players, which will give players special items in each

I am excited for Animal Crossing: New Horizons and I can’t believe how much game we are getting for our money.

There’s so much to do within the game and I’m so happy that there are also lots of free events planned too.

I can see myself losing many hours to this game!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post.
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Demi x

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