Month: June 2020

Mandala in Process

How to Make a Mandala Grid

A mandala grid is something myself and many other artists use as a template for our creations. If you’re looking to create something more uniformed and symmetrical, a mandala grid can help ensure that every part of the design is correctly measured. Some artists use a variety of different methods, the method below is one […] Read more…

UV Finger Tattoo for Women

Hand Tattoos for All Genders | Advice and Inspiration

Hand tattoos are becoming more socially acceptable as we see many of our favourite celebrities wearing them.Whether it’s a full hand tattoo, a delicate finger tattoo, a beautiful wrist tattoo or a daring palm tattoo, there’s sure to be something to inspire you here! HAND TATTOO PAIN LEVELS Widely regarded as one of the more […] Read more…

Beach Tattoo

Beautiful Travel Tattoos to Capture Your Memories

Holidays are experiences that we look forward to, save up hard for and wish would never end.We experience so many firsts; your first holiday, your first time flying, your first time visiting a specific country, and maybe even your first time experiencing activities such as surfing, paragliding and whale watching. Some people love their holidays […] Read more…